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Used & New Books
Coffee & Espresso
Incense & Tarot 
Journals & Gifts

We carry a large selection of used and new books, with everything from classic literature, mystery, and memoirs to cookbooks, nature guides, local authors and history, and metaphysical / occult studies, and everything else in between. Come in and explore our shelves - we've got a little something for everyone! 

We use Portland,OR based coffee roaster, PANACHE, for our in-house coffee and espresso. In addition to hot/cold coffee, we also offer a variety of tea, Italian Sodas, chai, and hot chocolate for you to enjoy as you browse. Don't know what to order? Treat yourself to one of our delicious drink specials!

In addition to books, we also carry various brands of incense sticks and cones, incense holders, pendulums, tarot cards, singing bowls, runes, and other divination items. Our staff is happy to help answer any questions you have or guide you through the different resources to suit your spiritual needs.

Looking for holiday or birthday gifts? We have board games, greeting cards, stickers, coloring and activity books, playing cards, calendars, journals, puzzles, post cards, magnets, and more! We're an eclectic with lots of goodies to be found for your loved ones - or even for yourself. Come take a look and see what you find!

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Owner Charles Holboke has been selling books since 1978. He originally owned "Turnaround Books" in Seaside from 1978-1999, but Godfather's was opened in Astoria November 1993.

Located in beautiful, historic Downtown Astoria, our shop has a very eclectic selection of new and used books, tarot cards, incense, journals, puzzles, gifts, and trinkets for you to browse!


We also offer delicious and affordable fresh-brewed house coffee, espresso, tea, or Italian soda you can enjoy while you shop, work (yes, we have free wifi), or engage in fun and interesting conversations with our fun staff or local regulars. 


Do you buy used books?

Short answer: It depends.

Long answer: If you're interested in selling or donating your books to us, we ask that you share with us the details of your books and fill out a form - either in store or by email. We need to know the quantity, condition, titles, and any special notes about the books you have. Due to a limited space, we can't accept excessively large quantities, damaged, smoke stained, waterlogged, or heavily notated books. We also do not accept outdated reference books (including medical, technology, law, or text books). We also need to know, if you're wanting to sell vs donate, what value you're seeking for them and if you're open to a store credit offer. Once these details are shared and approved from the staff, you may bring your books in for the owner to review. Upon his review, we will contact you with an offer for your acceptance or refusal. It is a bit of a process, so if you're wanting a quick yes/no turnaround on selling a book to us, we may not be the best resource for you in this regard.

Do you have a public restroom?

No, we do not. The closest facilities to us are City Hall one block away (M-F only) or the Public Restrooms on the corner of 12th and Exchange.


Do you have [insert book title here]?

Unfortunately at this time we don't have our inventory cataloged in our computer system. If you're looking for a particular book, we can point you in the right direction of what section it would be in if we do have it in stock. We are an independent bookstore with limited space, so we appreciate your understanding and encourage you to come browse the shelves. Sometimes the hunt is the best part, and you may even find another book that catches your eye!

If you're local, we can place special orders for you if you'd like. Talk to our staff in store for more details.

What should we do while we're in Astoria?

There's quite a bit to do and see here, and we're currently putting together a little brochure of our suggestions - including places to eat. Some notable mentions include the Astoria Column, the Maritime Museum, the Flavel House - Film Museum - Heritage Museum combo, Astoria Underground Tours, walking along the river walk, visiting our other local shops and restaurants, or even crossing the bridge to visit the lighthouses at Cape Disappointment if you have a car!

Are you hiring?

We're always accepting resumes, which can be sent to our email below or given to a staff member in store for managerial review. If we are hiring and you seem like a good fit, we will contact you asap. We do prioritize those with previous barista and/or retail experience, especially if you're comfortable working alone.

Who designed your ceiling tiles?

Most of the tiles you see that are decorated were created by one of our regulars. That being said, anyone is welcome to design a tile for our ceiling so long as you provide your own tile (you can get them inexpensively at Home Depot) and run your design by our staff for approval. We love to see everyone's creativity, so come leave your artistic legacy in our shop!

Still have questions?

If you have any questions/comments about the shop that wasn't answered here, our inbox is open! Use the contact form below for your inquiries.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for reaching out. We will be in touch soon.

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