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Used & New Books

We carry a large selection of used and new books: Fiction, non-fiction, children's, cookbooks, maps, local history, nature guides, metaphysical/occult studies, etc.. Come browse our shelves--we've got something for everyone! 

Coffee & Espresso

Our coffee roaster is PANACHE

which comes from Portland, OR, and is sourced from around the globe! In addition to hot/cold coffee we also have tea, italian sodas, and hot chocolate for the kids. There is also a cold beverage cooler with sodas/water/juices.

Incense, Sage, & Tarot 

We also carry various brands of incense including Triloka, Shoyedo, Incense King, and more! In addition to incense sticks, we also sell cones, resin, loose powder, and sage bundles!  Come check out our Tarot card collection and divine your destiny.

Journals, Cards, & More!

Board games, greeting cards, bags, flags, magnets, crystal balls, pendulums, coloring books, journals, reading glasses, singing bowls, and oil diffusers are just a FEW of our other odds and ends! We're an ecclectic store that just begs to be browsed!

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